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Auto Updater Installation Help

When you run Auto Updater, you see the following window that warns you that our application for launching the game is from an unknown publisher. Its a very common window that you may see in majority of downloaded programs from internet.
The reason is that if we want to avoid this warning, we have to pay enough money for a certificate in a yearly basis so we decided to leave it as is. So, just click "Yes" and everything will be okey!


In some rare cases (depending on your PC configuration and Antivirus settings), you may see the following window that informs you SmartScreen (a Microsoft security application) blocked our Auto Updater.
Also, some antivirus may want to scan online our Auto Updater. No problem, you'll have to wait a little bit (only the first time).
In this blue window, click "More Info" and a "Run" button will appear. Now you can run Auto Updater.


Our application is not a virus of course, all these problems are common in windows OS when you run unrecognized applications from Microsoft... We only want to offer a clean gaming environment but prefer to spend money for a faster server and not for a ..."recognized" application from Microsoft.